pure Functional Care Guide

With our FUNCTIONAL Care Guide, we want to give you practical tips and tricks on how to care for your garments gently and in a way that conserves resources, so that you can enjoy your pure products for as long as possible.


Classic pure FUNCTIONAL shirts

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So wash light shirts with light shirts and dark shirts with dark shirts. This way the colors stay fresh longer and do not fade.

Follow the care instructions in the shirt

To be on the safe side, take a look at the label inside the shirt, because some materials are not suitable for a normal wash cycle.

Maximum 7 shirts

To prevent shirts from wrinkling too much, you should wash a maximum of 5-7 shirts together (that's about half a washing drum full).

Buttoning shirts

At least the top button of the shirt should be closed to keep the shape of the collar.

Unbutton collar and cuffs

This is a better way to remove dirt and keep the collar in shape. If the collar or cuff is very dirty, you can pre-treat the affected areas with some liquid detergent.

Wash less and gently

Make sure to wash less, this is not unhygienic but relieves our environment and preserves your clothes. Sometimes airing the shirts is enough.


If there is a stain on your shirt, first try to remove the stain with a colorfast cotton cloth and some water. If this method is unsuccessful, put the shirt in the washing machine as described below. Please do not use stain removers, they usually contain bleach and there is a high risk of discoloring or severely damaging the fabric.

Enjoy your pure shirt for a long time!


Washing temperature

Our FUNCTIONAL shirts should be washed at 30°C maximum.

Washing program

We especially recommend the "easy care" or "delicate wash" program or the "shirt wash" program, as these spin less, thus the shirts do not become wrinkled. Spin at a maximum of 800 revolutions.


Choose an environmentally friendly detergent and make sure to always wash FUNCTIONAL shirts with mild detergent. Please do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener seals the fabric fibers, resulting in a loss of breathability and stretch.

How you care

For white shirts:

Make sure the inside of the washing machine is clean. To be absolutely sure, run the machine in advance at 90° C without washing. Add a little white natural vinegar or a dishwasher tab. This will remove the dark fibers, dirt residue and grease from the drum.

Use a dash of white vinegar for the wash cycle instead of detergent and mix it with a tablespoon of baking soda and a drop of mild detergent if needed. White shirts should be washed separately and only with similar materials and colors.

Important: Please never use detergents with bleach or optical brighteners, because they easily yellow the white fabric.


Once the washing process is complete, you should remove the shirts, hang them on a hanger or over a line and smooth them out. The buttons should be closed when doing this. Please do not put the FUNCTIONAL shirts in the drum dryer.

After drying now comes the last care step, ironing. If the previous steps on washing and drying have been followed, ironing the FUNCTIONAL shirts should not be necessary. If you still want to iron the shirts, please make sure to iron the shirts only on low temperature (symbol: iron 1 point) and without steam.

Love your FUNCTIONAL and be careful with

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