About Us

is your young lifestyle brand from Hatico Mode GmbH. Your traditional company from the heart of Bavaria. With headquartered in Tirschenreuth.

Our philosophy

Tradition - Craftmanship - Innovation

Moderne Business Hemden von pure

Our vision is to lead a traditional company into the future while acting economically and sustainably. We stand for the highest standards of quality and design.
We want to bring about innovations while continuing to live our values of tradition, putting new ideas into practice and embodying pure joie de vivre.
We are passionate about high-quality fabrics and designs, the associated know-how and attention to detail.

Our family business

born and designed in Bavaria

Hatico Mode GmbHHatico Mode GmbH, based in Tirschenreuth, Bavaria, was founded in 1947 and is one of the leading German shirt manufacturers. After their expulsion from the Sudetenland, Hans Tischler and his son-in-law Hans Reiter founded the underwear factory Hans Tischler & Co in Tirschenreuth. With four sewing machines and seven employees, they started their adventure - their own shirt manufactory.

Since 2017 Joseph Reiter and Stephanie Supguth, already in the 3rd generation, have taken over the management. Thus, Hatico Mode GmbH is 100 percent in the hands of the founding family.

The brand "pure" was introduced to the market in 1996 and has been a true success story ever since. Pure stands for innovation, lifestyle and the latest trends in colour and form. In the more than 70 years since the company was founded, values and textile knowledge have been passed down from generation to generation. Today, the founder's grandchildren can look back on a long tradition of textile craftsmanship.

4 questions to the management

Geschäftsführung Hatico Mode GmbH

  • What connects you with Hatico and pure? Did you always want to take over the family business?
Joseph Reiter & Stephanie Supguth: "We are connected to our company by our love of textiles. We have always had an inner urge to deal with fashion and textiles. Even as children, we always wanted to be taken to the sewing room or the sample room with our grandparents. Of course it is a matter of the heart for us to continue the family business.
However, we never thought that we would take over the business together one day. But it was a happy coincidence because we have the same goals and visions and complement each other wonderfully."

    • What role does fashion play in your lives?
    Stephanie Supguth: "Of course fashion plays a big role in my life, as well as professionally and personally. Clothing shapes our identity. Fashion is a wonderful and versatile tool. We can use it as an expression of our own personality, play with it and slip into other roles. Fashion tells the viewer who we are or who we want to be. I like to dress fashionably and enjoy incorporating the latest trends into our products.

    "When I see people wearing our products it makes me happy."

    • What drives you?
    Joseph Reiter: "First and foremost, of course, the great opportunity and challenge at the same time to be allowed to continue the family business and to align it according to today's requirements. I am a fundamentally positive person and would like to play an active role in shaping the future as a medium-sized entrepreneur. In this I also see the task of fashion and design, to make the future a better and more beautiful place. Fashion and design are zeitgeist. That's why I find it fascinating to develop new products with people that you can see an entire team has worked on intensively. It inspires me to create something that comes from an idea in my head. When I see people wearing our products, it makes me happy. For us as a company, this is the biggest proof that the emotions and passion we put into our products are successfully transported to the buyer."

      • What are your plans for the future?
      Joseph Reiter & Stephanie Supguth:
      We definitely never run out of ideas. Quite the opposite. We always strive to develop our products in such a way that they more or less 100% reflect the spirit of the times, regardless of which of the many menswear segments we are currently playing in. At the same time, we try to convey to the outside world that we have a lot of fun doing what we do. Of course we have a great team behind us that supports us very actively in all of this.

        Our products

        Authentic - High-Quality - Functional

        pure Functional Shirts

        We are real nerds when it comes to processing and choosing the right fabric, because wearing comfort and a high demand on quality and design are decisive for us.

        Our shirts are designed directly in our traditional and family-run headquarters in Tirschenreuth, in the Upper Palatinate. From basics to functional to the latest trend, stylish and expressively interpreted - pure shirts are perfect for every occasion.

        Our design team works on the pulse of time to implement the trends and requirements for each season. The respective collections are created in close cooperation with the world's leading Italian fabric weavers and designers. From plain basics to high fashion casual shirts to top business shirts - our product portfolio offers something for everyone.

        We use mostly European fabrics and work with long-standing suppliers who share our values and standards. To produce a shirt about 60 working steps are necessary. Despite machine support, there is still a lot of manual work in shirt production. The craftsmanship of our production partners is evident down to the smallest detail and is very close to our hearts.

        With us there is something for every man. In addition, our innovative Functional Shirt with its revolutionary features meets the demands of the 21st century. Each of our products reflects our signature and our traditional know-how acquired over many years. They are made with great attention to detail and embody pure joie de vivre.


        We are very aware of our responsibility towards humans, animals and the environment. Therefore, it is important to us to focus on short transport routes, fair working conditions and a responsible selection of materials. Our producers and suppliers are all long-term partners with whom we share a common path. We share the same values and ideas and work together for a sustainable future.