The Functional

PURE FUNCTIONAL - a true innovation

In recent years, new lifestyles have radically changed the way we dress and consequently our taste in fashion and clothing fabrics. Work, leisure, family life, sport - the merging of our lives has long since become a reality. Life and Workflow 4.0 has led us to develop a new concept of formal wear.

Fashion has opened up to a new generation of technical fabrics that have become real stars of collections worldwide. This new trend focuses on a fascinating mix of design, fashion and high-tech elements. This is how we came up with the idea to redefine the classic business shirt. We set ourselves the task of creating a running shirt in the form of a top business shirt that is more modern, more functional, more comfortable and easier to care for than the previous classic business shirt.

The innovation in the shirt market: the pure Functional Shirt transfers the characteristics and features of sportswear to formal businesswear without giving up the elegant look of the shirt.

The original World's Most Comfortable pure Shirt guarantees:

The high-tech fabric conforms to the silhouette and follows body movements without restriction. The material is transversely and longitudinally elastic and therefore guarantees optimal freedom of movement, a perfect fit and excellent comfort.

Moisture is quickly transferred to the outer layer of the garments to keep the skin fresh and dry. When we wear garments that fit our body like a second skin, it is important that such garments are fully breathable. This material also ensures optimal moisture transport during physical exertion.

Sweat must dry quickly so that it does not remain in contact with the skin for too long. This is because sweat leads to the spread of bacteria, which cause bad odours and itching. The high-tech material is quick-drying and has an antibacterial effect.

Our skin needs to be protected from external influences, especially UV radiation, especially in summer. The Functional Shirt offers a protection factor of 50+.

These features make the Functional Shirt an indispensable companion even when travelling. Lightweight and wrinkle-free, it also finds its place in hand luggage. The material is quick and easy to care for. The drying time is extremely fast and the fabrics are absolutely easy to care for. The shirts can be hand washed, machine washed or dry cleaned as required.

Shape retention

The use of high quality raw materials and the innovative construction of the fibres improve the durability and wash resistance of the shirts.


The material for our Functional Shirts comes directly from Italy, from one of the most renowned and sustainable fabric manufacturers in the world. The polyamide and elastane fibers make it an extremely breathable garment. To ensure 100% comfort, the material, which originally comes from the sports sector, is quick drying and extremely stretchy. Its structure results in a soft feel and a pleasant wearing sensation.


The very high quality high-tech fiber is produced under the highest environmental standards. Our partner-supplier pays attention to innovative environmental policies, sustainable supply chains and creation of a circular economy. The company has committed itself through a code of ethics to implement the following points:

  1. Protecting the health of its employees
  2. Optimising production processes by introducing state-of-the-art technologies to monitor and reduce waste and polluting residues
  3. Certifying the environmental results obtained by means of clear data
  4. A genuine interest in research and in the use of new sustainable raw materials
  5. Support for important international projects to protect the environment
  6. Contribution to the social and financial development of local communities

The technology behind the polyamide fibres used to produce pure's functional shirts is the result of innovative processes designed to protect the environment and its resources. The production systems are designed to reduce water consumption and use electricity from renewable sources to reduce CO2 emissions. For example, the entire process required to produce a cotton T-shirt, from the cultivation of the cotton to the dyeing and production stages, requires approximately 2,700 litres of water.

In contrast, polyamide fibres, produced using the latest industrial technologies, allow the same garment to be made using just 50 litres of water, representing a significant saving for the planet's water resources.

ECONYL - Regenerated Nylon

The majority of pure FUNCTIONAL Wear is made from the innovative material Econyl®, which was awarded the German Sustainability Prize.

Econyl® is a polyamide fibre that consists of 100% recycled material. For this purpose, fabric scraps, carpeting and fishing nets, among other things, are collected from oceans and recycled into high-quality nylon fibers. Reuse reduces the impact on global warming by 80% compared to nylon derived from crude oil. After its completed life cycle, a shirt made from Econyl® can be reprocessed into premium high-tech fibers.


pure Functional - 100 % "Made in Europe

pure FUNCTIONAL is manufactured by specialized, state-of-the-art partner companies in Europe. The employees are trained and paid fairly. In order to support the economy, we purchase accessories such as buttons, hangtags, tapes, cardboard boxes and packaging material from regional companies. In doing so, we pay attention to resource-saving processing and short delivery routes. Transparent and pure!